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May 7, 2023

Mohamed is here. Big GRATITUDE to the Coven of Union for helping me with my problem. I do not as a rule leave reviews and this one could have been easier, no link from receipt, but that’s a small issue and I feel silly even mentioning it. BIG PICTURE DEAL my issue (( too secret to bring into this form)) has been resolved above and beyond my expectations. Money now flows like a fountain and my plan can go ahead as I originally stated to the Coven. BACK I WILL COME very soon for more!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 1, 2023

Hello Madam Crawley! Firstly, a belated happy new year to you and Anna! I just wanted to update you on a wonderful change to my situation I think you should be aware of. I think that your secret society wealth spell’s results are growing. I/we recently came into a large inheritance from someone we didn’t know very well actually and my mother just served as power of attorney for. That was larger than we thought, such things as I am sure you are aware are usually, if anything, smaller than one thinks, often considerably smaller. A little context I think makes this even more remarkable too. A probate I read usually takes 6-12 months, this one took 20 months with endless and unusual delays and then with the banks chaos coming into play more recently it seemed like we may never see a penny and then all of a sudden in turns out to be more than we thought and now in our accounts. We have studied financial literacy so we have now stored it in gold and silver for the usual reasons and to remove it from the volatile and dangerous banking system. The gold and silver markets are growing it already and we have other good causes and property investment lined up for parts of it to go to as well.

What is also worth noting too, is that a very elderly and ill great uncle (a former Freemason too I discovered) of mine passed away recently and a part of an inheritance will be coming to us too, which also may be more than we thought it would be. One of my best friends and uncle once removed, who was a film buff like me and whom I shared many movie marathons with at his house passed away and last year I inherited his film and music collection that he had promised to me in life. He was an uber collector so I inherited literally tens of thousands of DVDs, Blu rays, Vinyl and CDs! A friend of my uncle and aunt’s passed and I inherited his beautiful music system AND just as I inherit more CDs than I can cope with!

There are many other less death related aspects I feel the spell is working in and with too, I just find it so interesting that the settlements themselves all happened so close together as well.

One other thing is that I didn’t hear how your colleague’s situations in Mexico worked out. I would still be very interested in a Ouija reading. Assistance at least for the first few anyway I think would be needed. Could you or Anna update me perhaps?

Thank you very much and kind regards,


Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 31, 2023

I love my Djinn she’s with me every day and i am finally happy in my life.

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Our Customer Feedback and Satisfaction is Unrivaled and Iconic! We have so many GLOWING customer Feedbacks and Success Stories, we decided to turn some of them into a free 62 page eBook! Click on the green button below to view or download the .pdf eBook.
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