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Beautiful Valuable Hermatite Black Cat Pendant!

There’s a small family of Black Witches Cats looking for homes! If you want the PREFECT COMPANION AND GUIDE, you’ve found it right here!!!
Tried tested and Proven to be 100% Effective! Does not need to be worn to experience the Magick. We also offer “Transfer Bags” to easily move Magick from one item to another. (See “Options” at checkout for discounts!) Paperwork will be mailed with the Vessel.

You will instantly feel the PRESENCE of your Spirit Familiar, and will be over the moon with your new friend. Not to mention all the money and good luck that is coming your way!!

Some people have asked me about naming their Spirit Familiar. Some people like to wait for a “vision” or “sign” or my advise is simply go ahead and let your heart do the talking! In previous incarnations this Spirit Familiar will HAVE had different names. It is your privileged to bestow a new name upon it now!!

Please note: This is general information about FAMILIARS. You’re familiar will be a gorgeous sleek, cunning and clever WITCHES BLACK CAT!

I have been waiting for this time I come. Madam Crawley has been hinting about this amazing collection for many months. I too have been united with my own incredible Spirit Familiar, and I have never been HAPPIER!! The wonderful thing about these charming and Magickal Spirit Creatures is that not only can you be united with as many as you desire, and or, need, but they will live harmoniously with each other. Cat with mouse, fox with hen, etc. etc. These are ENLIGHTENED Animal Spirits, and will guide you in a way that no Human Formed spirit ever could. They are VERY powerful and in a certain way “Vampirish” because they are complete with fully honed instincts and sensory talents that will delight and inspire you. I am so in love with my first Animal Spirit. He is a wonderful loving Rabbit Spirit. The incredible thing about theses spirits is that they are completely devoted and playful, yet they are cunning and alert, and will guard you ferociously if  necessary. Your family will also feel the presence of your Pet, and will feel this astounding love and energy in your household, but YOU will be the Master of this Animal and it will answer only to you.

I am a true animal nut, so this is very exciting for me. I plan on having a zoo by the time I’m finished 🙂 But seriously I will be surrounding myself with this overwhelming affection, protection and power! I know some of you out there very well, and I’m telling you, that feeling of loneliness, that feeling of helplessness will completely disappear. THIS IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Maybe you haven’t experienced it before, but now you have the opportunity to do so. And I can not recommend this PRICELESS collection highly enough!

Please take note: These Spirit Familiars are wonderful, and friendly, but they are not complacent! They are all about getting YOU WHAT YOU WANT! They are BRILLIANT at bringing in monetary fortunes. They are ruthless in a way that only an animal is… Not in a bad way, but in a persistent, determined, relentless way. They will bring you all the wealth you ever hoped for.

I had a few concerns before adopting my own Animal Spirit. My biggest was, how would it interact with my LIVE familiar? I have a gorgeous Russian Blue cat who is my soul mate, and I certainly didn’t want to do anything to upset or offend her. This is what has happened so far for me–I claimed Georgie the White Rabbit and he channels through a beautiful Rabbit Brooch. The first night I was worried that Baby my cat would scare him, or that Georgie would make Baby feel “less” in some way. What happened was I had the most magnificent lucid dream I can ever recall. In this dream, which I also know as being an altered state of reality, I saw Baby and Georgie cuddled up on my bed together, and they were emitting a huge white glow, an aura of intense Magick. I became aware that these Animal Spirits, and also Live animal familiars, are bonding together now in this time of preparation. I became aware that they are considered of the utmost importance to the Coming of the New Age. I also became aware that the owners of these Animal Spirits will be of the most High and Revered Order of the New Enlightened Ones. I was overcome with a joyous feeling, as I have always loved animals and considered their plight here on earth pitiful and wrong. But upon learning this information I now know that they are in a type of earthly disguise. All animals have a special vocation in the coming of the new age, but there are SOME just as there are SOME people, who STAND OUT AS VITAL. The most vital of these Animals are the ones we are presenting to you now. If you do not have a LIVE familiar, then you will have a wonderful new experience in store for you. If you DO have a live familiar or pet, then you will see the growth and happiness of your Earthly animals expand beyond your comprehension!

I was extremely excited when I awoke, and incredibly refreshed and deeply happy. I couldn’t wait to call Madam Crawley and tell her what I had discovered. When I spoke to her I felt a little foolish. She of course knew all of this and much, much more. She was the one who channeled these Spirits, and I thought I was telling her something!!!! She is so wonderful though, and didn’t make me feel foolish at all. She said the reason she hadn’t told me the true meaning of these Animal Spirits was that she wished me to encounter the experience first hand.  All day long I could see Baby playing and learning from Georgie. Baby was far more experienced by the end of the day, and now I feel I have a much deeper and spiritual bond with her than ever before. This is truly s new avenue of Magick that I didn’t expect. Also, as a side-note–Georgie has already made me $50,000.00 in two weeks. I can tell it was his energy responsible, as I have recently become very aware of  “where” the Magick energies are coming from. I’m more excited than I know how to express!!! Many Blessings. Anna.

Click on the section below to expand and read about Important Extras For Your Spell Cast Vessel that Madam Crawley has made available for you to enhance your spell to the utmost POWER and POTENCY!

Madam Crawley is generously offering these valuable Spell Extras at a SUBSTANTIALLY discounted price when you order now. Adding them will not hold up shipping time.
Add these Extras to your cart to customize, amplify and increase the power of your spell cast Vessel!
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$40.00 $29.99

You now have the option of Madam Crawley CUSTOM ALIGNING the Vessel to “fit you like a glove!” She will fully tune and align the spell to match your exact vibrations and aura. This Vessel is of the highest caliber imaginable, and this extra little touch will send its Magick into Turbo-Charged! A TOTAL FINE TUNING OF ENERGIES! The result will be FASTER Magick! This is completely exciting to me, and the first thing I did when I heard about this was send a whole SLEW of my own Magickals to her for Personalized Energy Alignment! This type of Personal Energy Alignment would cost a small fortune elsewhere.
 Please note, Madam Crawley is very diligent and conscientious in her spell casting. She is offering this service as a “REMOTE” casting which means it won’t hold up the delivery of your item. Plus, you can also choose to have it done later, or on previously purchased items.

$35.00 $25.00
The Bridging Stone forms a "bridge" from your Vessel to your stone so that the Magick within your Jewelry or Talisman will also be accessible from your stone. Your stone will fit in the palm of your hand, and will be chosen for you especially by Madam Crawley herself!  Now, if you want to,  you can leave your jewelry at home and carry your Bridging Stone instead. If for some reason your Magick Talisman goes missing, you have a backup right there, ready to save the day!

$29.99 $22.00
Madam Crawley Charging Bags are the perfect way to store and Turbo-Charge your Magickal Items. Keep them working optimally at all times!  Easy to use. Instructions and full description will be mailed to you with your order. 4×6 Black Satin Bag. Hand Printed in Silver with the words “Madam Crawley’s Charging Bag.”

$45.00 $29.00
If you are specifically aware, or concerned, that powerful negative energies have been placed upon you, then this extra step is recommended. This spell is meticulously designed to purify and expel malevolent energies so that your Spell Cast Vessel works at optimal capacity and is protected from further nefarious outside influences! The energy will diligently eradicate any lingering curses or negative influences that may hinder the efficacy of your Vessel, ensuring a harmonious and unobstructed flow of positive energy. It also acts as a protective mirror to reflect negativity back upon sender. 


Welcome to the realm of the extraordinary, where the Mystical meets the Modern.

We are The Coven Of Union. The oldest continuously running "Brick & Mortar" coven in existence today. Steeped in tradition and revered for our unwavering commitment to White and Grey Magick - the purest and most karmically clean forms of Magick known to mankind.

At the helm of our mystical endeavors is High Priestess Madam Crawley, a generational witch with over 60 years of professional experience in Metaphysics and Spell-Casting.

Her wisdom and expertise have guided COUNTLESS seekers towards their desires, and now, she is ready to illuminate your path as well! That's EXCITING!

Our Magick is safe, permanent, and immune to the passage of time. It holds its power steadfast, ensuring that your desires manifest with unwavering strength and lasting impact. Our clientele include the richest and most powerful members of society. However, Magick should not be hoarded by the Elite, and that is why we also offer our services at an affordable price for those who really need them. We embrace all White-Hearted souls who wish to harness their dreams and feel they were born for BIGGER and BETTER things. We don't believe in coincidence, and you being here, RIGHT NOW is no coincidence to us, but rather a sign that you are a Seeker, and the time for exciting change, is upon you!

I'm Anna, a Senior Practitioner at the Coven Of Union.

As the operations manager, I'll be your primary point of contact, ensuring a seamless and enchanting experience throughout your journey with us.

I take immense pride in what I do, and consider myself blessed to be acquainted with such powerful figures in the Metaphysical Community. This is a very serious venture to me--I KNOW Magick is real as it has played an enormous role in my life. I wish to share with the world the bounty of Magick that is available to those who seek it.

Join us on this beautiful journey, and let the Magick unfold before your very eyes!

More About High Priestess Madam Crawley & The Coven Of Union

For those of you unfamiliar with Madam Elizabeth Crawley--she is considered among the inner Magickal Circles as the utmost authority on all things paranormal. She is also a profound and ultra-talented Spell Caster. Madam Crawley can cast POWERFUL spells for just about anything. Prior to Madam Crawley's assent to High Priestess of The Coven Of Union, Mrs. McTavish held the position. Mrs. McTavish has since passed over, but we do have some of her Spell-Cast Vessels still available for interested Collectors.
Our feedback and reputation has remained IMMACULATE over the 15 years we have been offering our services online! Every day I receive letters and emails from our happy customers telling us of huge lotto wins, massive business successes, loves won, boundaries broken, illnesses cured, and the list goes on and on and on!! I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be involved with this Magick and to be a vital instrument in getting this Magick to the right place. The Spells, Vessels and Customer Care you will receive are SUPERIOR!!! Our Customers are Chosen Ones. We know that Destiny has brought us together and you are of the utmost importance to us. This is why we go to all lengths to make sure you are thrilled and happy with your Magickals. We will do WHATEVER it takes!

Many of these Spells and Entities are driven by DESTINY, and are already chosen for you by fate; they already lay in your destiny's path and are simply waiting for you to take action. This is VERY EXCITING MAGICK & VERY EXCITING TIMES. AND I AM SO THRILLED THAT WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER.

I've simply fallen in love with Madam Crawley and so will YOU. I've never met a more enlightened, generous and powerful lady in my whole life. Obviously she is “mature,” in age, but treats life with so much joy and passion... She has truly taught me to see every day as a special miracle.

The love, care and Magick she puts into her work is completely AWE-INSPIRING. Not only is Madam Crawley The Premiere Spell Caster, she is a Medium, a Psychic, and a natural gifted and technically trained Witch. She HAS IT ALL! For so many years now I have witnessed and been the recipient of her WONDROUS MAGICK and I cannot express how honored, thrilled and completely MAGNETIZED I am by this BRILLIANT lady.


The Coven was historically based in Norfolk, England. But in recent times, and with the advent of modern communication and travel, it has become an International Society with "hubs" throughout the world. The Coven home-base moves occasionally to maintain secrecy of its actual “Brick & Mortar” location. The name COVEN OF UNION is a pseudonym, to protect the identity of those witches who choose to remain anonymous. The Coven Of Union is also head of a secret International Underground Society of Wiccan and Pagan Magickal Arts. This includes White Magick and Gray Magick. Neither of these branches are related to (dangerous and fickle) Black Magick.

White Magick is the most pure and holistic form of Magick and has a beautiful settling effect on all who come in contact with it. It cleanses and aligns energies holistically. White Magick uses the recipients own energies and aligns and guides those energies with the required patterns to achieve harmony and the intended outcome of the spell.

Gray Magick is Pagan in nature, and older than White Magick. Pagan Magick originates thousands of years B.C. and was all but eradicated by the advent of Christianity. In the church's attempts to wipe out Paganism they took many of the Pagan Symbols and Deities and "Demonized" them. For instance the popular image of the Christian Devil is really a "Demonization" of the Pagan Horned God, Baphomet, who was not evil but a true Deity and worshiped for thousands of years as the male counterpart of the Mother Goddess.

The Coven Of Union is comprised of The Top Thirteen most accomplished, revered and talented Witches in Europe. Together they practice  White & Grey Magick. These are the most qualified, caring and fascinating women you could ever wish to meet. I have witnessed their wonders first-hand, and cannot even express how excited I am that they requested me to share their Magick with you. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL TIME.

For those of you unfamiliar with the coming of the “Future Shift,” also known as “The New Beginning,” it is in the air, and everyone can feel it coming. The world will be upturned, and everything will change. But don't fear, just remember, every time a door closes another one opens, and you'll be there, ready to walk through into the New Beginning. YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!



Pictures I took during my last visit with Madam Crawley.



Your satisfaction is of the UTMOST importance, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure you are MORE than happy!

All other locations: $16.00 per package. We ship WORLD-WIDE.
All of our packages are carefully prepared with instructions, LOVE & MAGICK!

We usually ship within a few days of the order, depending on weekends, holidays. Occasionally Madam Crawley decides to casts a protection spell for the journey, and this can take an extra day or two!

ON the VERY rare occasion that you do not feel bonded with your Magick Vessel, then please message me, and I will be happy to help you. We can offer Exchanges, and will guide you to find the perfect Magickal to achieve your goals and MORE!

Our reputation is UNPARRELELD. Thousands of rave reviews, and heartfelt customer testimonials speak volumes about the Magical experiences we have facilitated over the years. Countless Seekers, just like you, have witnessed the extraordinary power of our Spells, Conjurations and Talismans, and the profound impact they have had on their lives.

Our Customer Feedback and Satisfaction is Unrivaled and Iconic! We have so many GLOWING customer Feedbacks and Success Stories, we decided to turn some of them into a free, 62 page eBook! Click on the green button below and the .pdf will open in a new browser tab. You can also right click to download the eBook and read it later.
Our Customer Feedback and Satisfaction is Unrivaled and Iconic! We have so many GLOWING customer Feedbacks and Success Stories, we decided to turn some of them into a free 62 page eBook! Click on the green button below to view or download the .pdf eBook.
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