How To Summon A Wealth Dragon Yourself!

Wealth Dragon

Today, we will be exploring the fascinating topic of summoning a Wealth Dragon. How exciting is that! I also include a Verse that will keep you protected and surrounded with White L:ight.

Dragons have long been revered in various cultures as powerful and wise beings, capable of bringing great fortune and prosperity to those who are able to summon them. In the realm of Magick the Wealth Dragon is particularly sought after for its ability to attract abundance and success into one’s life.

So, how exactly does one go about summoning a Wealth Dragon? The process can vary depending on the individual’s natural talents, experience, and true desire. This guide I’m writing today is for beginners, and it will help you make a basic connection. Will it be as advanced and powerful as a Coven Summoning, no of course not, but it will likely catch the attention of a Wealth Dragon who is willing to assist you and send some wealth energy your way!

First and foremost, it is important to create a sacred space where the summoning ritual will take place. This can be done by setting up an altar with candles, crystals, and other items that hold significance for YOU. It is also important to cleanse the space of any negative energy before beginning the ritual. You can do that easily by saying this VERSE:

By the power of the ancients,
Let this space be cleansed with divine love.
Banish all darkness, let light prevail,
As we summon Spirits from across the veil.

By the elements of earth, air, fire, and sea,
May this sacred space be pure and free.
With this incantation, I bend and I bow
In the name of the Goddess, protect me NOW

By the power of three
As we will it, so shall it be.

Next, you can choose to meditate or enter a trance-like state in preparation. Deep breathing, Binaural Beats Sound. This can help to establish a strong spiritual connection and make it easier to communicate with the dragon.

Once you feel ready, you can begin the actual summoning ritual. If you have candles to light, that is great. Green is the preference, but any color will be fine. I also recommend that you have darkened your room, and you are of course alone, or in a very private and secluded place where you will not be disturbed

As far warning, after the Verse has been spoken and the ritual completed, you may begin to feel the presence of the Wealth Dragon in the room. This can manifest as a feeling of warmth, a sense of peace, or even a visual or auditory vision. It is important to remain focused and open to the experience, as this is when the most powerful connections can be made. Do not be frightened, you are protected, and the Wealth Dragon we are summoning is of the most kind and generous nature. Lets hope we can attracted him to you!

Once the ritual is complete, it is important to show gratitude to the Wealth Dragon for their presence and assistance. This can be done through offerings of food, drink, or other gifts, as well as through prayers or affirmations of thanks. The easiest way is to say a genuine thank you prayer. This should be straight from your heart! Also, (and this is something most Summoners really love to do,) if you have a little trinket you can set out and leave over night, that is a great offering, too. For instance, set out a ring, and give it to the Dragon. He will not “take” it, but it will be his, and wearing it will prompt his presence.

Here is the Verse that will summon or attract the attention of a Wealth Dragon! Please note, read over it a few times, and you can print it out and read it, you don’t have to memorize it. The last line is the most important, and it is an ancient Magickal Incantation that will take your efforts to a strong place.

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